Our 90-Day Review

Updated: Jun 22

Last week, OskarFilms.com reached its 90-day mark on the Web, and, so far, the numbers are looking good.

Since our debut online, March 2, 2021, OskarFilms.com has been visited by viewers in 13 countries around the world: The United States, Canada, Jamaica, The United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon, South Africa, Malaysia, and Australia.

World map showing all of the countries and states where OskarFilms.com

has been streamed. (Source: Wix.com)

Indeed, most of our visitors have been from the U.S., especially Florida, which is to be expected since that’s where we're located. In all, our website has garnered 422 site visits of which 233 have been unique visitors. Pretty good for a three-month period.

Our debut film, “Blacksmith,” has also performed well over the past 90-days. When OskarFilms.com was launched, “Blacksmith” had been viewed by streamers in 16 countries. Today, that number has jumped to more than 50! Much of that spike had to do with the film’s debut on SmartTV apps such as GuideDoc and Flexnet. However, “Blacksmith” sales from Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo On Demand streamers have also remained steady throughout the spring.

At the present time, “Blacksmith’s” sales analytics look so good that I can report confidently that its streaming numbers will grow dramatically over the next several months.

But perhaps the biggest news over the past 90 days has been the announcement of our new short documentary film, “Gardens of Life.” Now in production, the film features four gardeners from the Southwest Florida area: Darryl McCullough of Sarasota, Cathy Willard of Palmetto, Marsha Wikle of Bradenton and Richard Zielinski of Parrish.

Reels one through six of “Gardens” have been processed, scanned and color corrected. I’ve done a digital first pass and, so far, I’m pleased with what I’ve seen. Now it’s onto reels seven through 12, which are chilling out in my refrigerator.

As I close this blog I want to thank all of those who have stopped by OskarFilms.com, whether to read this blog or have a look-see at our other pages. There’s a lot more in the works over the next 90 days, so be sure to subscribe to get all of our updates sent directly to your inbox.

Best wishes,

Frank DiCesare

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